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DXRacer Model P (Red)

DXRacer Model P (Red)

電競椅Model O Series適合身形: 身高164-176cm/ 標準身形

承重: 90kg


  • 面料:PU
  • 扶手:高度可調節
  • 底盤:可傾仰 155°
  • 腳座:尼龍五星腳
  • 保養:1年上門保養


Model O Series gaming chair is suitable for:167-176cm in height, thin to standard body

Capacity: 90kg


  • Upholster: PU
  • Armrest: adjustable in height and angle, sliding arm pad
  • Mechanism: conventional tilt
  • Base: Nylon base
  • Warranty: 1 year
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